August 8, 2018

Web Portfolio

I’ve built quite a few web sites and custom web apps over the years, so I’ve put together a sampling of some of the cooler projects here.

— Aaron

New York Times E-Edition

Role:  Lead Developer – user management, e-commerce, server structure
Tech: Tomcat, Apache, Perl, MySQL, HTML, CSS
Description: LibreDigital is a media company which converts printed media into digital media, both for book publications and for a very large array of magazine and newspaper publications. I developed and implemented designs and maintained all of the newspaper e-edition sites, and was lead developer for the overhaul project on our flagship client, The New York Times. E-Editions of newspapers aren’t simply images or web versions, they’re fully digitized, searchable versions of the actual print paper, and they’re accessible by subscription only. My job was to lead a small team to rebuild the server architecture, user security, and payment gateways. The application that displayed the paper itself was developed in another department.

Southwest Environmental Finance Center Asset Management Manual

Role: Lead Developer, both online and executable DVD, audio engineer for video shoots
Tech: Completely custom PHP, JavaScript, HTML Framework, CSS, Flash
Description: The Asset Management Manual was an extensive training manual in print form. The New Mexico Environmental Finance Center (Now the Southwest EFC) contracted me and a partner to create two digital versions. One would be a web application, and one would be an executable DVD. The project included video pop-ups, downloads, interactivity, and custom pagination and navigation. We traveled the country interviewing various water authority personnel for each section, edited that video, created streamable versions, and embedded that material in the digital manual. Videography and video edit belonged to my partner, everything thing else was me.

Southwest Environmental Finance Center Asset Management IQ

Role: Lead Developer, both online and executable DVD
Tech: Completely custom quiz application using PHP, HTML and JavaScript
Description: A spinoff of the Asset Management Manual, the AMIQ quiz is an interactive quiz designed to help water authorities assess where they stand with regard to their asset management strategy, and help them understand where they can improve. This application steps the user through a series of questions which they rate with a score of 1-5, keeps track of that score using session variables, and presents them with their results and the option to download the results as a PDF. The challenge on this project was to make it fully portable, meaning it could not utilize a database. Instead, it accesses text files directly to display and store data. I developed this application from the ground up. After it proved successful, I developed a similar app called the Source Water IQ quiz.

VuTrac – Rig Management Beta

Role: Developer – mobile experience and overall architecture integration
Tech: PHP/MySQL based model view controller application, JavaScript, JQuery, Scriptaculous, HTML, CSS
Description: Vutrac is a custom oil well management software which tracks a complex array of rig, drilling and geologic data and was designed for technicians in the field to interact with remotely. It has a complex user security aspect with various levels of access, a fully mobile integration, and several charting and graphing functions. I was part of the initial development team who invented the product, and we sold the beta to the client so they could bring it to production status.

Southwest Environmental Finance Center

Role: Lead developer – front end website and custom content management application
Tech: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Apache, Linux
Description: The Southwest Environmental Finance department is formerly the New Mexico Environmental Finance Department. They needed a web presence and a custom content management system, which I wrote from scratch. The system allows them to add, edit and delete pages, images, training dates and employees. Subsequently I built several other small sites for their related organizations using the same framework. Finally, I moved the site when they migrated from New Mexico Tech to The University of New Mexico. At NMT, I also managed their in house Linux based web server.