July 25, 2018

More About Aaron

Hi! As you probably read on the front page, I’m Aaron Trumm. I’m “excessively” optimistic and I believe that success goes hand in hand with happiness and great connections with other people. I started PollyAnna Marketing because I wanted to connect with my customers and help them connect with theirs. I wanted to relate rather than live in a cold, technical world. As it turns out, this is really the best way to gain and retain new customers and make a business thrive! Win-win!

A little more about me: I’ve been a web developer for 24 years, which means I’ve been making websites since the web was born. That whole time I’ve also been a musician and audio professional, and it turns out these two skill areas go quite well together. I have a master’s degree from Stanford University in Music, Science And Technology, which is a hybrid degree touching on music, acoustics, recording, psychology and computer programming. I also have a bachelor’s from the University of New Mexico in History. So the idea of using technology to help with true human connection has always been important to me.

Along the way I’ve done hundreds of freelance web development projects, I’ve worked for the New York Times and Cisco Systems, I’ve been on stage almost everywhere in the United States, and I’ve been involved in every aspect of the entertainment and media field, from movie extra to stage hand to on set audio engineer. I’ve also been a small business owner for my entire career, so I understand the big picture and the need to find and cultivate great client relationships, and the need to do so efficiently using smart, modern marketing.

I would love to hear from you, and perhaps create a winning relationship that helps your business grow and thrive!  You can contact me at aaron @ pollyannamarketing.com or 575-737-8546.  I’m looking forward to talking to you!

— Aaron